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Uncover The Cover-up….With Rico Genest (aka Zombie Boy).

How do you judge a book?

Meet Rico Genest aka Zombie Boy…


Read all about his amazing story here at

In this dramatic demonstration of the ability of makeup to transform a person’s appearance, the model in this video reveals a most unexpected secret under layers of professionally applied makeup. He is in fact heavily tattooed model and performer Rico Genest (aka Zombie Boy). The video is a viral ad for Dermablend makeup, whose lineup includes a “Leg and Body Tattoo Primer.” To see the day-long process of transforming Zombie Boy, see the making-of video.

Visit the Dermablend interactive website for more with Rico


OVERLORD: Mark Zuckerberg and the CIA

This spoof was released earlier this year.  It presents Facebook as a CIA funded program and Zuckerberg as a CIA agent know as “The Overloard”, pretty funny stuff or is it?

The person whom has this posted on youtube I think may be taking the Onion a little too serious but he is probably onto something here.  He makes the following remarks in the video info:

‘WARNING:  Facebook is CIA-funded DATA-Mining Project”

“Reality is a thin line between denial & paranoia”

They also include a link to the following Facebook page:

WARNING: Facebook is CIA-Funded Data-Mining Project on Facebook