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The purpose of this section is to share, invoke thought & conversation. A place without censorship, where creativity can be expressed without fear of judgment or deletion (of posts, comments or accounts). I encourage everyone to invite like minded people for this purpose, 18+. I don’t know about you, but on social networks I run into problems posting everything I’d like to because some people find my tastes questionable or offensive or just plain weird; They just don’t understand me, the arts and freedom of expression & speech. Here, other like minded people will enjoy, appreciate & respect you and your eccentricities. Although we definitely will not share in ideas, we can at least respect our individuality and taste in the arts.

Questions, suggestions, comments & feed back are always more then welcome.

Basquiat—Exclusive Spreads from the New Taschen Monograph

March 2011, TASCHEN  released one the most highly-anticipated books of the year, a monograph simply titled, Basquiat…

From the streets of New York to the walls of its most prominent galleries, young graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) was catapulted to international fame in his early 20s and died of a drug-overdose at 27. The subject of a feature film by fellow artist Julian Schnabel, Basquiat is one of the most admired artists to emerge from the 1980s art boom. This book explores his short but prolific career.

Check out the trailer of Radiant Child, the newest film on Basquiat.










Fascinating Shadow Art by Kumi YAMASHITA

This is kind of WTF art that the concepts and execution are so strong you just have to say “Wow” to it. Kumi Yamashita makes shadow art, and not just any shadow art, but creating silhouettes by arranging simple objects and lighting to produce these unique pieces.






Uncover The Cover-up….With Rico Genest (aka Zombie Boy).

How do you judge a book?

Meet Rico Genest aka Zombie Boy…


Read all about his amazing story here at

In this dramatic demonstration of the ability of makeup to transform a person’s appearance, the model in this video reveals a most unexpected secret under layers of professionally applied makeup. He is in fact heavily tattooed model and performer Rico Genest (aka Zombie Boy). The video is a viral ad for Dermablend makeup, whose lineup includes a “Leg and Body Tattoo Primer.” To see the day-long process of transforming Zombie Boy, see the making-of video.

Visit the Dermablend interactive website for more with Rico

Salvador Dali on “What’s My Line?”


This ten minute clip is drawn from the famous 1950s game show, and it’s quite surreal. I don’t use the word surreal loosely: the special guest is Salvador Dali.  This is just about the best thing ever.  I was definitely born too late.   Classic!

The DIY Film Animation Show w/Terry Gilliam

Awesome rarity from the archives. Pretty cool if you’re into animation or a fan of Monty Pythons.  Enjoy this 15min treasure with Terry Gilliam explaining cut-out animation.