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Shame on Canada. Attawapiskat First Nation: Community in Crisis

The community of Attawapiskat First Nation are living on top of one of the richest De Beers diamond mines in North America yet the people continue to live in third world conditions.    No school for their community after having their’s closed down more then 12 years ago because children were being exposed to dangerous levels of benzene from the badly contaminated ground.   Now living in deplorable conditions families are facing “immediate risk” of infection, disease and possible fire from their substandard living  conditions.   Have they fallen through the cracks of the system or is our governments just ignoring the pleas for immediate help?

It’s been three weeks since Attawapiskat First Nation declared a state of emergency.  Since that time, not a single federal or provincial official has even bothered to visit the community.   No aid agencies have stepped forward. No disaster management teams have offered help.

Dr. John Waddell from the Weeneebayko Health Authority visited the  community during this tour. He found that conditions had deteriorated to the point that an emergency situation was imminent.   Dr. Elizabeth Blackmore repeated this message of immediate risk just this past Friday at Queen’s Park yet still nothing has been done to aid this community.

Many children are scalded and burned from living in densely overcrowded houses with makeshift wood stoves….

A child with a facial rash from lack of clean water and sanitation….

Inside a makeshift tent — home to a family of six….

As the temperatures drop the dangers continue to grow and the real threat to human lives continues.   Presently there are five families living in tents; 19 families living in sheds without running water; 35 families living in houses needing serious repair; 128 families living in houses condemned from black mould and failing infrastructure; 118 families living with relatives (often 20 people in a small home); there are 90 people living in a construction trailer. There’s a need for 268 houses just to deal with the immediate backlog of homelessness.

Please lend your signature & support along with the growing number of Canadians who are becoming aware of this unacceptable situation of the people of Attawapiskat First Nation.  In doing so we are asking the government to take immediate action in resolving this very real emergency and to end this now before any more lives are further endangered or lost.

Attawapiskat Housing Crisis, The Petition (Please sign).

For more on this story please read…”What  If They Declared An Emergency & Nobody Came?” by Charlie Angus of the Huffington Post.



Simply Raw Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days!!! [Full Doc]

I love this film, “Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days”.

Although I am not diabetic like the people in the study, each one of them was able to come off almost all meds & insulin, including heart & bp meds. The raw plant based diet reversed nearly all their health conditions & this is with chronically ill people. It is pretty amazing. I was crying every time their levels became more & more normal. They were cured of something incurable in 30 days =,) How wonderful is that? After 30 days they were able to reintroduced cooked foods, but the diet remains plant based. I have no problem giving up meat to save my health… I barely like it as it is.   High dose vitamins & alkaline in fruit & veg diets can cure some cancers & reverse heart disease too.

You don’t need to be diabetic to apply the 30 day Raw films principals and improve ones health.  It really  is amazing & eye opening.  I can’t recommend this film enough.

I strongly encourage supporting the film makers project & purchasing a copy for your DVD library to be able to share with family and friends.  When You Purchase “Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days”  You’ll Also Get the $78.96 in Bonuses


Full Documentary: 


2 FOX News Reporters Jobless After Monsanto & Cancer Milk Story

FOX News gave 2 reporters free choice to cover ANY topic for a new show. Through research they found they could link Monsanto with cancer. Needless to say that this story never went to air and the reporters no longer have jobs. Their story is here, if you have a spare 10 mins, watch the video as it will astound you.

Fox News reporters Steve Wilson & Jane Akre uncovered a disturbing piece of information after Fox television told them to cover any story or subject that they wanted and to ask hard questions for a new show called the Investigators.
One of the first story’s that they came up with was that most of the milk in California and in fact most of the country was contaminated with the artificial growth hormone Posilac. This is injected into cows so that they produce more milk and has been proven to be a cancer-causing growth hormone.
Jane stated that
“With Monsanto I didn’t realize how effectively a corporation could work to get something on the market place. The levels of coordination that they had to have, they had to get university professors into the fold, they had to get experts into the fold, they had to get reporters into the fold, they had to get the public into the fold and of course the FDA, lets not leave them out. They had to get the federal regulators convinced that this was a fine and safe product to get it onto the market place and they did that very very well”
Posilac was rubber stamped by the Federal Government before they put it on the market place with the longest test done for toxicity being 90 days on 30 rats. The results of this test were either misreported to the FDA or the FDA were not interested in the safety of Posilac.
Continue Reading The Article here-


Know Your Rights!?!

Officer, please understand I refuse to talk to you other then to identify myself until I consult with my lawyer.  I aslo refuse to consent to any search of these premises under my control or which I have in my possession, proprietary or privacy interest including my car, body or effects.  I further refuse to consent to the taking of my breath, bodily fluid or tissue for scientific analysis without an opportunity to consult with my lawyer.  As a Canadian, I desire to exercise all my rights guaranteed to me by the CONSTITUTION of CANADA to be FREE FROM INTERFERENCE with my PERSON or AFFAIRS.  If you attempt to question me I want my lawyer present.  I further refuse to participate in any lineup or perform any physical acts, speak or display my person and property at your discretion without first consulting my lawyer.  If I am under arrest I wish to know under what charge and wish to invoke and exercise my constitutional rights.  If you ignore my rights and attempt to produce a waiver I want to consult with my lawyer prior to any conversation with you.  If I am not under arrest, I wish to leave.  If I am free to leave please tell me so I can return to my business.

Know your rights

KNoW your rights & always lawyer up!

Iraq’s Missing Billions [Full Documentary]

Iraq’s Missing Billions

The British and American coalition which had overthrown Saddam Hussein was given a very special responsibility by the United Nations. It was given trusteeship of more than 20 billion dollars that belonged to the people of Iraq. Over the next 40 months, it spent almost all of it. Yet, no one can account for where it all went. Literally billion of dollars have gone missing.

In this revealing documentary, Dr. Ali Fadhil, a young Iraqi doctor, sets out to learn what has led to the catastrophic results when money was put into the care of the U.S. led coalition. What emerges is a disturbing tale of corruption and fraud. As word spread of the kind of money that could be made in Iraq, foreign contractors negotiated deals fast and furiously.

There was no oversight of projects. “As trustees, we did a very poor job,” admits Frank Willis, a senior member of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA). “We should have spent the money on the Iraqi people, rather than putting it in the pockets of foreign business.” According to the United States’ own figures, Iraq’s essential services are worse than before the war, with the country producing less electricity, oil or clean water. Excerpt

Iraq's Missing Billions

Iraq's Missing Billions

Does what happens in the Facebook stay in the Facebook?


Wired Magazine Online

CIA Gets in Your Face(book)
Chaddus Bruce 01.24.07 | 2:00 AM
Wired Magazine Online

If you’re a Facebook member, a career as a government spook is only a click away.

Since December 2006, the Central Intelligence Agency has been using, the popular social networking site, to recruit potential employees into its National Clandestine Service. It marks the first time the CIA has ventured into social networking to hire new personnel.

The CIA’s Facebook page (login required) provides an overview of what the NCS is looking for in a recruit, along with a 30-second promotional YouTube video aimed at potential college-aged applicants. U.S. citizens with a GPA above 3.0 can apply.

“It’s an invaluable tool when it comes to peer-to-peer marketing,” says Michele Neff, a CIA spokeswoman.

The NCS, one of the four directorates of the CIA, was established following 9/11 to gather intelligence from sources both domestic and abroad. In 2004, President Bush directed the CIA to increase the “human intelligence capabilities” of the agency and hire more officers that can “blend more easily in foreign cities.”

The search for better spies led the NCS to set up shop on Facebook, which is used primarily by college students. Every Facebook user has her or his own page, and users can choose to join Facebook “groups,” which can be created by individuals or sponsored by companies as paid promotions. The NCS-sponsored Facebook group was launched on Dec. 19, 2006 and will stay active for two months. The group currently has over 2,100 members, up from around 200 one week after its debut.

Scores of companies and organizations have set up shop on Facebook, using the site’s interactive tools like chat, video and personal messaging to establish relationships with potential hires. However, compared to most recruitment pages, the CIA’s page is remarkably light on interactive content.

For example, Ernst & Young’s Facebook group (login required) offers resume advice, interaction with current employees and videos of actual interns. But like the CIA group, the accounting agency’s page operates mostly as a gateway to its corporate careers website.

Like many corporations or nonprofit organizations, the CIA has long turned to colleges with diverse and intelligent student bodies when hiring. But its foray into social networks is a new strategy not yet adopted by other agencies.

There are strict federal regulations that guide recruitment and hiring, which are tightly controlled by the Office of Personnel Management. The bureau audits the recruitment practices of five to six government agencies a year on a rotating basis, according to Kevin Mahoney, OPM’s associate director for human capital leadership.

Yet the CIA is an “exempted agency,” meaning it has its own hiring authority and isn’t audited by OPM. As a result, the CIA is less encumbered by bureaucratic recruitment procedures. Basically, it runs its own show.

“We don’t have to obtain permissions on any of the venues we have scheduled for print or web,” says the CIA’s Neff.

According to Robert Danbeck, associate director for OPM’s human resources products and services division, there is talk about using social networks to let people know about other government jobs. However, most of the focus remains on the one-stop government job site, which currently has around 220,000 job vacancies.

“Right now, we really don’t know about (social networking). We haven’t gotten our arms around it yet,” Danbeck says.

Government agencies may be forced to turn to social networks and other web-based means for recruitment in the future. Hundreds of thousands of government workers are set to retire in the coming years, and new talent can increasingly be found on websites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

However, dealings between social networks and the government may raise the hackles of citizens concerned about their privacy online.

“If (the CIA) knows about Facebook, and they have a page on Facebook, it would be surprising if they weren’t using it in other ways,” says Nicole Ozer, civil liberties and technology policy director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California.

Facebook’s privacy policy states that outside companies sponsoring groups don’t have access to personal information or profiles. However, it does say that information may be shared with “other companies, lawyers, agents or government agencies,” in order to comply with the law.

Besides the fact that it isn’t technically a company, the CIA says it is only using Facebook as an advertisement for new recruits.

“The (CIA Facebook) page is only for information purposes; people cannot leave messages or engage in commentary,” says Neff. “There is no collection of names, bio information or resume collection from this site, nor do we engage members in any way.”

Neff’s claim is reinforced by Facebook’s director of marketing Melanie Deitch, who refers to the agency as an “advertiser.”

“The CIA has no direct access to any user’s profile,” Deitch says. “They adhere to the same rules as all of our advertisers. We do not publish or disseminate our users’ information to any advertiser.”

Ozer says that there’s no way we can be sure what the CIA is up to online.

“It seems if they would go to the trouble to infiltrate peace groups that they are also online looking at information.”