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The First Post To Preceed All Future Posts……

As you may or may not be aware, I have been going through endless drama over the years with using Facebook.  My Accounts have received time bans from 48hr and the most recent being 3 days, I have been locked out of my accounts frequently.  I even lost all access to my account and all content I created for nearly a year.  All in all it has been a total pain in my fucking ass.  I have come to the quick conclusion that Mark Zuckerfuck  is a total narcissist fuck wad and be very careful everyone, once he enters politics or is paying campaign contributions for the elite to win elections, we will all be fucked and warehoused in FEMA   Well that may be a bit extreme, but it is very possible.  This world is getting all kinds of crazy & fucked up.  You are either part of the problem or working on the soution.  You obviously cannot run a linear system on a finite planet indefinitely…period!

My family is always asking why am I being picked on by Facebook? what the fuck am I doing to send up flags?  I am not sure how to take this really…what the fuck do you think I am doing?  I’m Facebooking and sharing what ever the fuck I so desire.  I’m being ME and I don’t see that changing anytime soon….not before a much longed for lobotomy anyway.

I share my opinions, my interest, my nothingness & my everything…no big fucking deal.

I think the biggest trouble I run into is conservative, uptight anal assholes and devout Christians and those close to you who disguised as friends(and I use the term loosely) who are in fact parasites….what a bunch of massive assholes…straight up!

Reasons I think I run into problems with social media:

  • I have no filters
  • I do & say what ever the fuck I like
  • Non-conforming
  • I am honest to a fault
  • A little to graphically expressive
  • Profanity is an excellent form of self expression & I like to be “Fucking Expressive”
  • My posts can be crude, lewd and over the top offensive & distasteful (To some, fuck them)

So from now on…NO HOLDS BARRED…I’m dishing out my bullshit whatever that may be.  Report my ass now bitches…hahaha…fuck you!

So please bare with me as I learn how to navigate my way around here.  I have already botched a few things and am sorting out corrections.  I want to be able to present my shit show to you in an aesthetically pleasing way that encourages you to come back.  I have lots to learn & I am A-okay with that!

For the most part, I am certain that people who visit my blog will find it entertaining, enlightening & resourceful.  This blog will include Rants, reviews, art & artist, music, humor, advocacy, philanthropy, wellness, nutrition,healthy lifestyle, and the simple truths the media doesn’t want you to know.   If I uncover something you can be certain I will post it up.  I will never force my views on anyone, I just hope for people to be open & receptive to learning & understanding new things and to go out on their own & learn for them selves. Take from it what you will, but please enjoy.  Please don’t take personal offense to anything contained here within, only take from it the parts you like.  I look forward to reading your responses & feedback over the times ahead.  All my best to you all!  Much Love Ang xx

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